Healthier hair with care


Treatments are problem-solver services, designed to improve the texture of hair and help fix common hair challenges like dryness, damage, frizziness or difficult to control curls.

While a great cut and the perfect color accentuate your best features, improving your hair’s texture requires additional care. Just like skin, hair needs customized care to help keep it stay healthy, radiant and supple. Treatments like Olaplex, Replumping, and Keratin Complex Glycolic are tailored to improve the texture of your hair to repair damage and prevent breakage, moisturize, and to smooth or control curl and frizz.





To repair damage, Olaplex does a fantastic job because it addresses and repairs damage at the chemical level. Adrian has replaced more traditional "hair repair" treatments with this far superior one. 

Davines Hair Products

To add moisture to dry and damaged hair, the Davines Replumping products deliver intense moisture for your hair to drink in. Also offered is an in-salon Replumping treatment and the at-home Hair Filler Superactive products. 

Keratin Complex

To smooth curls, Keratin Complex Same Day Smoothing is an excellent treatment to help reduce the curl in hair, making it faster and easier to style for several weeks after treatment.

Personalized Blow Out™ is a customizable, zero-downtime keratin treatment that has the ability to smooth or straighten the hair or define curl. Personalized Blow Out is powered by K-Pure Juice™, a proprietary juice blend of keratin, botanicals and amino acids.